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churchA large number of English-speaking families have or had a connection with any kind of religious community, no matter if they were practicing or not. The records of these communities or churches are an important source of information on vital records. To be able to determine the appropriate church or religious group, one should find out where the ancestors came from at the time in question. 


The next step is to find out the churches that were present at the determined location at that time. This information can for example be obtained by searching local directories. Other possibilities are biographies, Bibles, mementos and documents like birth, marriage, or death certificates. Marriage licenses for example may provide the name of the church or the priest who performed the service. Death certificates often name the church cemetery or a denominational.

church registerIf the church had not existed at that time, the ancestor might have chosen the closest church for the denomination. Native speakers of foreign language may have chosen a church with services in the appropriate language.


Another possible source is the huge catalog of the Latter-day Saints Church’s Family History Library. The records available on microfilms can be found online --> here and in the family history centres all over the world.
Church records can add a lot of information to your research. Of course, the search will surely be more complicated and it takes more time than online research, but it can be worth the trouble.


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