Info on GEDCOM

GEDCOM TextGEDCOM (acronym: GEnealogical Data COMmunication) is a frequent file format in genealogy (file ending: .ged) to save the persons’ data of a family tree and their family relationships.
By means of GEDCOM interfaces, data can be exchanged between genealogy software applications.
Basic information on the GEDCOM format
A GEDCOM file consists of simple text lines where the genealogical information is stored.
The latest version is GEDCOM format 6.0 that has been introduced on Dec. 6th, 2002 and since then has been in use without any further changes.
However, the Problems of the predecessor format 5.5  have not been solved. The data structure still follows a simple data model that should depict the family constellations and the data added to that. In complicated cases of relationships like adoptions, there are still major weaknesses of the format.
Furthermore, many genealogists wish to be able to include documents and photos in the format. This is not yet possible.


Import GEDCOM data

GEDCOM import featureWhen you already have your data in GEDCOM format you can upload without any charge to your family tree on Please note that you can only upload your GEDCOM file as long as you are the only person in your family tree.
To import proceed as follows:
•    Click on the import icon in the upper righthand corner of your tree (The icon is only visible if you are the only person in your tree). Our website can import the GEDCOM-formats of most genealogy-applications (GEDCOM-versions 5.5x and 6.0).
•    Upload your GEDCOM-file.
•    A list of names from the GEDCOM-file will show up. Please choose your own name.
•    The data will be imported into the tree.
You can save and download your tree on without any charge.

Export GEDCOM data

For the export proceed as follows:

  • Open the "Settings" on the left side of your screen.
  • Click on "GEDCOM export >>".
  • Click YES.
  • Choose a folder and file to save your family tree to.

To edit or backup your exported data, we recommend our free genealogy software dynastree Home Edition. You can download it >>here<<.



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