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Download the WordPress Plugin (.zip-File) 

Instructions for the dynastree name distribution word press widgetalt

 1. Upload the 'name_distribution' folder to your blog's plugin folder (usually '/wp-content/plugins/')
   2. Login to your WP admin web page.
   3. Activate the Plugin:
          * Click on PLUGINS.
          * Find 'Name Distribution' in the list of Inactive Plugins (or Recently Active Plugins).
          * Click on Activate to activate the plugin.
   4. Configure the Plugin:
          * Click on SETTINGS.
          * Click on name distribution.
          * Enter a last name
          * Press the 'Update Maps' button to get a selection of available maps for the last name you entered
          * Choose a map
          * Save the settings by clicking on the 'update settings' button
  5. Setup as a sidebar widget:
          * Click on APPEARANCE.
          * Click on Widgets.
          * On the left side, next to 'Name Distribution', click on 'Add' to make the Widget appear in the list of Current Widgets.
          * Click on Save Changes.
   6. If your theme DOES NOT support widgets, place this line of code in your sidebar code (e.g. sidebar.php):
   7. The dynastree name distribution map will appear in your sidebar.

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