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Descent line

Term in genealogy, denoting the line of male ancestors (father, grandfather, great-grandfather) of a person. The research of a descent line has been dominant in genealogy, as the last name traditionally has been passed on through the male ancestors.

Family tree

The family tree is a network of links that shows the ancestry and evolutionary history of creatures and phenomenons. In genealogy, the creation of a family tree of a person or family is a frequent means to illustrate the family relationships.

Genealogical table

In a genealogical table, the ancestors of a person are presented in a fixed order. A genealogical table is especially useful when you want to display the links between all ancestors clearly. A graphic depiction of the ancestors in a genealogical table filled with painted, passport photographs of the recent generations. One should try to add pictures showing the ancestors at a comparable age and in similar qualities.
But the genealogical table has many disadvantages when it comes to the complete depiction of a family tree. If there are many branches in the family tree and the relationships are very complicated, the presentation can quickly become unclear.
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The doctrine of families and descendants. The Greek/Latin genealogía is a compound word meaning „gender register“ or „roots table“. Nowadays, genealogy is meant to be the scientific dealing with topics concerning the family, frequently used as a synonym for ancestry research or genealogical research. Ancestry research and family research have a more hobby-like connotation.
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Genetics is the first part of biology that is dedicated to the caracters and functionality of genes and their heredity, whereas human genetics treats the genotype of human beings. During the early stages of genetic research (at the end of the 19th century – beginning of the 20th century), it has erroneously been assumed that by means of genealogical data like family trees it would be possible to explain the heredity of characteristics.
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Inbreeding coefficient

The probability of the duplicate genetic material of a person to be identical by means of derivation, that is from the same ancestor and at the same time measure of similarity of ancestors in a list of ancestors. To calculate of the inbreeding coefficient, the degree of blood relationship has to be known. It is only possible to research to a certain depth of time, as the results become erroneous if ancestors are missing.
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The inheritance is the hereditary transmission of distinctive genetic attributes. This is relevant for the diagnostics of hereditary diseases like daltonism or hemophily.
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List of ancestors

If the relationships are widely ramnified, the genealogical table can become unclear. That is why the the list of ancestors more and more took its place since the beginning of the 20th century. On, you can switch between the list view and the family tree view with only one click.

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Local chronicles

Part of local history. Local chronicles derived from church and school chronicles that have been maintained by pastors or village teachers. Nowadays, local chronicles are not generated by historians but by private individuals that spend their free time on local history.
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Local history

The part of historical research that treats the history of a local area. The participants are predominantly persons who are interested in history. They dedicate themselves to the every day life history and the creation of local chronicles.
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Mother’s line

Counterpart to stem line, following the female ancestors of a person, not the male ones.
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Onomastics is a branch of linguistics that treats the origins and specific characteristics of proper names (first names, last names, toponyms, bodies of water, goods). Similar branches are etymology and genealogy. As names play an important role in many parts of life, onomastics cooperates with many social and natural sciences.
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Pedigree collapse

The phenomenon of a decreasing number of ancestors due to a marriage within the family. Thus, the number is smaller than expected.
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