Genalogical Databases
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Database Notes
Ancestors on Board
Passengerlists: from the UK
Ancestors Register of the German People
AUS/NZ Passengers
Passengerlists: from Europe to Australia/New Zealand
Australia Passenger Indices
Passengerlists: from Europe to Australia
Australia Convict Indices
Convicts - Passage, Death, etc.
Australia's First Fleet
Passengerlist: 1st transfer of convicts to Australia
Australia's Second Fleet
Passengerlist: 2nd transfer of convicts to Australia
Australia's Third Fleet
Passengerlist: 3rd transfer of convicts to Australia
Castle Garden
NYC, immigration records
Compilation of Lists of Emigrants
Wide variety of passenger lists of ships from Europe
Convict Transportation Registers
British Convict transportation registers 1787-1867
Dutch National Archive
Search engine for passengers of ships and airlines
German-Russian Database
Passengerlists of ships, and records (Germany, Russia)
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
WWII fugitive lists headed for Australia
Immigrants to Canada
Passenger and ship lists headed for Canada
Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria
Unassisted inward passenger lists to Victoria, Australia
Irish Ancestors
Passenger lists: from Ireland to the US
Jewish Databases
Wide variety of databases related to Jewish genealogy
Katyn Memorial Wall
Polish military officers executed by the Red Army
Name Index of German Palatinates
Name index of about 6,000 Germanic "Palatines"
National Archives of Australia
Immigrants, prisoners of war, passenger lists
National Archives of Australia
Wide variety from the Australian National Archive
National Archives of the United Kingdom
Census and death records, passengerlists, etc.
Norwegian Digital Archive
Lists of emigrants, and much more
Norwegian National Archive
Church records and birth registers
Passenger lists: Europe to Australia
Passengers from Hamburg, Germany
Passenger lists: from Hamburg
Poznan Records
Land registration records from Poznan
Soldiers in Medieval England
English soldiers from the late Middle Ages
State Records Authority of New South Wales
Passengers, sailors, and ships in Australian waters
The 18th Century Rhineland Emigration List
Emigrants from the Rhineland, 18th century
The Old Lutheran Emigration List
Lutheran emigrant list, 19th century
The Peerage
British peerage and European royalty
Titanic Passenger List
The Titanic's passenger list
United States National Archives
Prisoners of war in WWII, the Korean and Vietnam War
United States National Archives
Casualties in the Korean and Vietnam War
United States National Archives
Passenger lists: Germans, Irishmen, Italians, Russians
Welcome Walls, Western Australia
Immigrants coming to Western Australia
Passenger lists: to New Zealand

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