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After acquired, the data of the users was transferred to Individuals who wanted to continue working on their trees were encouraged since February this year to login to

While users can still access their data on, this access is read-only. However, users are able to use to make a free GEDCOM export, including photos, to preserve their data for future use.

The data on is currently based on German servers (in Hamburg). For contractual reasons, must return these servers to their owners. The shutdown was originally prepared for 18th August 2010. renegotiated again and managed to achieve an extension of the rented servers until January 2011. therefore remains in place until 31 January, 2011, to enable access to the data and free export of GEDCOM files if desired. Continuing to maintain for longer than this, however, is not possible.

In order to preserve user privacy, all data will be completely and irreversibly deleted after 31 January, 2011. Since all data was moved to, it is not necessary to send a copy of dynastree data to other servers. We would like to inform you here of this change in advance, so that you are aware of when access to will be discontinued.

You’ve probably done your first steps on already and noticed some things that work differently.

MyHeritage - Mein Familienerbe
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We’d like to mention some of the core differences between Dynastree and to ease the transition for you. The platform will not integrate the exact same features that Dynastree had. However the technical team from MyHeritage is currently working day and night on details of the merger, is fixing smaller and bigger problems that you have reported, is integrating further features from Dynastree and does everything to help you feel at home on your new family site on A move of 11 million people and 100 million profiles isnt that easy, just imagine the whole of New York City and Washington would move at the same time ;-) We do our best and are happy that besides some smaller worries most things work quite smoothly. Thanks again for your patience with us in the process!

Übersicht über den Zusammenschluss von MyHeritage und Verwandt
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Our goal for the merger is to bring the best of both worlds together in one platform. The popular family crest creator for example is the first feature that has been moved from Dynastree to Read more about it on the MyHeritage blog, check it out for yourself and send in your family crest to win a free year of Premium! Several other Dynastree features will follow, some smaller and some bigger ones, depending on how important they are and which ones you need the most. Small but very important for many German and Spanish users for example was the way MyHeritage treats surnames of women. Based on the anglosaxon habits we so far assumed the husbands surname to be the wife’s surname after marriage, especially for most of the ancestors a helpful one, but in other cultures and modern times we needed to add the option to switch that off and have added a whole set of culture-specific defaults for names that will help you add people to your tree.

Another Dynastree feature that will come in the next couple of weeks is the poster printing. On you can print your tree and generate PDF if you click on ‘family tree’ > ‘print charts’ – the free offline software Family Tree Builder gives you even more settings to choose from. Family Tree Builder also has very rich maps, similar to the ones on Dynastree, but with many more features to display location data in your whole family or parts of your family or migrations during the life of one of your ancestors. The maps are not yet on, but that will change in the next months and we’ll let you know when we’re there.

Family Tree Builder - Kartenfunktion
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The merging of family trees as it was possible on Dynastree so far is not possible on We don’t try to merge all family trees of the world into one, while overwriting different versions of different researchers into one. Every users keeps full control over his data and version of the research. Our Smart Matches help to find other people researching the same ancestors and help you to exchange information with them, but you can decide what to take and what to leave. We are also working on a brand new version of our Smart Matches that should be ready some time later this year, so stay tuned.

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Another difference to Dynastree is the management of unclaimed profiles. On Dynastree every profile had a manager, which initially was the person who created the profile. On MyHeritage this concept doesnt exist and the rights management is build around webmasters, members and visitors to family sites. The webmaster(s) of a site can decide who has access to certain features of the family site and who doesn’t. In any case, none of the data about living people on MyHeritage is open to the public, you can only see it if you are member of the family site and logged in with your details. does not support name days or special wedding anniversaries like a “golden wedding” or the like. Logo

Let’s get to some of the advantages of MyHeritage that you’ll be able to enjoy now:
First of all there is financial stability: is profitable, has received more than 24 million US Dollars in investment (6 times more than Dynastree) and is supported by some of the best investors in Europe: ‘Accel Partners’ and ‘Index Ventures’, the investors of Facebook and Skype. MyHeritage is an established company that will treat your information responsibly and is a great long-term steward for research data.
With more than 35 supported languages (compared to 10 on Dynastree) we ensure that all your relatives can join in, no matter how distant they are and what languages they know. Through the merger MyHeritage has a significantly bigger team so we will be able to offer you new features and improvements on a regular basis.

The ‘Smart Matches’ work very reliably and are based on a huge database, that is several times the size of the one at Dynastree. That makes it even easier for you to find relatives that you hadnt heard about and grow your family tree further.
The photo features on are a class of their own: besides usual uploads, you can upload via email, mobile phone, import from facebook and share everything with your relatives. The state-of-the-art face recognition technology helps you to mark people on photos and to the animated slideshows put your relatives in the spotlight. You can also upload documents and videos and like documents from your family history research or moving images of your little cousin eating chocolate cake.

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The calendar is a great feature as well and much ahead of what you know from Dynastree. Finally you can enter manual events, like family reunions, birthday parties or organise a cinema evening with your siblings or cousins – MyHeritage even offers you to directly send invitations for those events. Besides we remind you of birthdays, anniversaries and even death anniversaries or holidays, according to your needs.

You might also like the free offline software ‘Family Tree Builder’, a professional and easy-to-use genealogy suite with a lot of additional features. And compared to the “Home Edition” it is fully integrated with your family site at Family Tree Builder is the expert tool to manage your genealogy data and media, offers detailed reports and charts and with more than 9 million downloads it is one of the most popular genealogy programs out there. You can find more information and download the software here.

Family Tree Builder - Stammbaum Diagramm
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Finally we don’t want to forget to mention that Premium memberships on MyHeritage are valid for all relatives – instead of only for one user like on Dynastree. This helps you to save money and is especially great for the younger genealogists among you that can find a sponsor among their older uncles to get full access to all Premium features. :-)

We hope to have shown that the most important things remain the same – the security of your data, good support and an easy-to-use interface – and there are a lot of other things around it that are new and changing. Not everything will become better but most of the things! You can be sure that we are working hard for you and remain at your disposal just email us on with any questions or feedback.

Tomoji Tanabe, who was said to be the oldest living man of the world, died at his home in the city of Miyakonojo on the island of Kyushu (southern Japan). He was 113.

Mr. Tanabe was listed as the world’s oldest man in the Guiness Book of World Records since 2007, he is succeeded by British veteran Henry Allingham who is also 113 years old. Mr. Allingham is also the last surviving founder of the Royal Airforce, the last of two British survivors of the First World War, and also the last man to have witnessed the Battle of Jutland.

Asked for the secret to a long life on his last birthday in September, Mr. Tanabe gave the advice not to drink or smoke. He was known to get up at half past five every morning, drink a glass of milk every day, and read the newspaper every morning.  The Japanese are known for their longevity, the life expectancy is among the world’s highest – almost 86 years for women, and 79 for men. According to recent inquiries, more than 36,000 Japanese are more than a hundred years old. A reason often cited is the very healthy traditional diet including a lot of seafood and rice – Mr. Tanabe’s favorite dishes were fried shrimp and Japanese miso soup with clams.

Quite the opposite applies to Mr. Allingham: the Briton once humorously cited “cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women” as beneficial to his high age.

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Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Ring Ring…!

(Fonte:Flickr - re-ality) the week from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm (Central European Time), the’s team is engaged in answering all your e-mails and providing the best costumer support you can get. We do know that e-mails can be once in a while a bit impersonal. Nevertheless, considering the modern times and given the amount requests we receive everyday, the e-mail is the only tool we have that can cope with this reality.  For those who can’t deal with the impersonality of e-mails and the cybernetic environment, we are experimenting the skype phone.  You may reach us under our contact page.  “Hear ya!!!”

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Explain this!

(Fonte:Flickr - emrysrobers) origin of names has lots to do with the genealogical research. Afterall, you can only track back a relative through it’s name, be it first or last name. Some face the problem that names develop and change their spelling throughout the centuries in a way that they are almost not identifiable anymore. It’s the case of Brilhador which the original writing was Briatore. In this case you can perhaps explain the origin and developement. More mysterious are last names such as Gotobed, Brushit and Tellme. Can you explain those or you also think it’s only the product of human creativity?

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

The easy way…

dna.pngAre you really curious about your roots and have no time for research? We know that, for some, genealogy is a hobby. For those who prefer paying for the quick way, there is a new DNA test in the market that promisses doing the job for you.

According to the IGENEA it’s possible to find out the paternal and maternal line of a person through a small sample of saliva. The results of the test include a full report with maps and explanations. Are you up for it?

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