After acquired, the data of the users was transferred to Individuals who wanted to continue working on their trees were encouraged since February this year to login to

While users can still access their data on, this access is read-only. However, users are able to use to make a free GEDCOM export, including photos, to preserve their data for future use.

The data on is currently based on German servers (in Hamburg). For contractual reasons, must return these servers to their owners. The shutdown was originally prepared for 18th August 2010. renegotiated again and managed to achieve an extension of the rented servers until January 2011. therefore remains in place until 31 January, 2011, to enable access to the data and free export of GEDCOM files if desired. Continuing to maintain for longer than this, however, is not possible.

In order to preserve user privacy, all data will be completely and irreversibly deleted after 31 January, 2011. Since all data was moved to, it is not necessary to send a copy of dynastree data to other servers. We would like to inform you here of this change in advance, so that you are aware of when access to will be discontinued.

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