Tomoji Tanabe, who was said to be the oldest living man of the world, died at his home in the city of Miyakonojo on the island of Kyushu (southern Japan). He was 113.

Mr. Tanabe was listed as the world’s oldest man in the Guiness Book of World Records since 2007, he is succeeded by British veteran Henry Allingham who is also 113 years old. Mr. Allingham is also the last surviving founder of the Royal Airforce, the last of two British survivors of the First World War, and also the last man to have witnessed the Battle of Jutland.

Asked for the secret to a long life on his last birthday in September, Mr. Tanabe gave the advice not to drink or smoke. He was known to get up at half past five every morning, drink a glass of milk every day, and read the newspaper every morning.  The Japanese are known for their longevity, the life expectancy is among the world’s highest – almost 86 years for women, and 79 for men. According to recent inquiries, more than 36,000 Japanese are more than a hundred years old. A reason often cited is the very healthy traditional diet including a lot of seafood and rice – Mr. Tanabe’s favorite dishes were fried shrimp and Japanese miso soup with clams.

Quite the opposite applies to Mr. Allingham: the Briton once humorously cited “cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women” as beneficial to his high age.

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