Friday, February 27th, 2009

Some minor updates…

We’ve changed some minor features:

1. Family circle

Now, all profiles can be added to the family circle. In the “settings” under “My family” you check the box to add all persons in your family tree to your family circle.


This option will not be available in very large family trees, as a family circle of more than 2000 persons won’t make any sense. The maps and the calendar would contain too many entries and loading the tree would take too long.

2. Statistics box

The statistics box is now instantly updated, whenever you chance something in your tree, in very large trees there might be a delay of 5-10 mins till the next update.

3. Family map

We’ve fixed some minor bugs in the maps’ geocoding.

4. Godfathers

Godfathers can now be deleted again. :-)

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